How to Win - Cam's Story

Posted by KaraLee Foat on Thursday, December 7th, 2017 at 12:44pm.

Cam sat beside me at his dining room table about to write an offer on his first house, nervously devouring that Costco popcorn stuff. I got a text before I'd typed a single word. Someone had already written an offer. Three minutes later another text came, another buyer had also written an offer. We were in competition. Fierce competition. 

Cam got up to get more popcorn.

Fast forward to later that night... 

I called Cam. 'Hey Cam, you got the house.'

'Holy shit! I got the house!'

This is the how we did it...

Strong price

Cam didn't offer the full list price for the home. We discussed price at the dining room table for nearly an hour. Cam didn't want to overpay. But he understood that he needed to put his best foot forward. He also wouldn't let his emotions trump his brain and offer more than the house was worth. We got the maximum price he was willing to pay. That's what we offered.

The Fewer Conditions, the Better

Cam was pre-approved for a mortgage and had a solid downpayment. So we didn't include a financing condition. Just a home inspection condition. An offer with lots of conditions appears more unstable than one with one condition. The less moving parts, the less can go wrong. This made our offer very attractive.

Give them the Possession Date 

I texted the other agent to ask 'what is your seller's ideal possession date?' He responded quickly with a date. That date worked for Cam. We wrote that date on the offer. 

Make It Easy 

There was a playground in the backyard and lots of old firewood haphazardly stacked at the side of the house. I attached our offer in an email to the seller's agent, then added 'If your clients want the playground they could take it. If not, just leave it. Same with the firewood.'


The other agent sent a group text to the three of us agents who'd written offers, telling us when we'd hear from him. The other two agents replied 'ok'. I replied saying I was looking forward to hearing from him and wished everyone else good luck with their offers. People like to do business with people they like. 

We didn't know the details of the other offers on the table. But we were confident. We had a strong price, one condition, they chose the possession date, we made it easy, and I overcommunicated. We wouldn't have felt too bad If someone offered an outrageous price or had no conditions, and we got beat.

In the end, our offer was too good to pass up. And (holy shit!) Cam got the house.


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