November 2018

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A client called me today. He got a killer deal on a new house in the summer. He’s young and told me the house was lit. I almost called the fire department.

He’s been trying to rent his condo but hasn’t got many inquiries. We discussed selling it a few months back but, as you know from what I’ve written, it’s not a great time to sell, especially a condo.

But he’s going to be in the red with renting. Cutting his losses and selling is worth considering at this point.

‘Maybe you should lit it for the insurance money.’


‘Sorry, that’s old man humour. How can I help?’

‘What’s the blowout price to get the condo sold?’

I didn’t have an answer. I threw my arms up in the air and said ‘oh man… off the top of head… I have no idea.’

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